Custom Solutions. Turn your vision to reality.

We specialize in taking an idea, doing all the necessary research, asking the right questions, and solidifying everything into a well-designed product launched on time and within budget. Contact us to turn your vision to reality.

We’re Professionals

Our team has managed and developed products for leading companies such as Amazon, Microsoft, MathWorks, and nVidia. We have combined experience of over 30 years building and launching software products. We’ve been doing this for a while and love it.

No Hand Holding Required

You don’t need to hold our hand to get things done. With us, you are rest assured of high quality work right form the start. Anything coming out of us will precisely meet or exceed your objectives.

We Put Ourselves in Your Customers’ Shoes

We realize that real people use the products we build. They usually have better things to do than fight with frustrating software. Anything we build, we aim to make as intuitive and easy to use as possible.

We’re Entrepreneurs Too

We know what it takes to launch a product, make a sale, and acquire customers. So when we work on a project, we look at things holistically. It’s like we’re your other business partner and you have everything to gain from our expertise.

Pixineers worked with us from the idea stage all the way through to a production release with live paying customers. They showed tremendous skill and teamwork at each stage, working with us to develop and perfect a product that we are all quite proud of.
– Dr. Michael Nusbaum, Founder and CEO of MedXCom

Contact Us for a Quote

Send us a description of what you want built. We’ll reply back with a very rough time frame and estimate for what it would take, and suggest next steps.