Silkwood Medical App. By Dr. Warwick Nettle in Sydney, Australia

Silkwood Medical App

iOS, Plastic Surgeon Apps

This app is a complete reference for plastic surgery options in Sydney, Australia with Dr. Warwick Nettle at Silkwood Medical. Download this app to:

  • View over 300 before & after photos from real surgeries performed by Drs. Warwick Nettle & Benjamin Norris at Silkwood Medical
  • Take a photo of yourself (or a friend’s) and visualize your potential results from facial plastic surgery procedures such as nose reshaping or chin augmentation (free!)
  • Watch tens of video interviews with patients and doctors at Silkwood Medical, to learn more on what to expect from plastic surgery and the experience of being under the care of Dr. Nettle & Norris
  • Easily get in touch with the staff at Silkwood Medical to book a consultation or help answer any questions you may have

If you’re considering cosmetic plastic surgery, or just curious, download this app and make a good first step towards an informed decision on what’s right for you.

If you have any feedback or comments about this app, please contact us at The staff at Silkwood Medical is also available via the following social media sites:


Disclaimer: This app is for informational purposes only. It is not intended for diagnosis and treatment of any health condition, nor is it a substitute for in-office, professional medical advice. Please use this app in an environment, location, device, and account that supports your comfort and need for privacy.