Evidence-Based Bedside Assessment App.

SnapDx Bedside Assessment App

Evidence-Based Bedside Assessment App

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**Award-winning medical app featured on CBC Radio, Calgary Herald, and Canadian Healthcare Technology magazine**

SnapDx Clinical is an efficient bedside assessment tool designed for use by medical trainees and clinicians at the point of care.

We provide the best evidence-based questions and tests to be used as part of your history and physical examination to confidently sort through your differential diagnosis.

Prepared by physicians and medical educators, and vetted by 100 clinician beta-testers, SnapDx Clinical compiles information from over 130 clinical studies and meta-analyses for 57 key diseases that cover the breadth of medicine.

Its sleek, intuitive design has already garnered the 2014 Innovation Academy award from the Ward of the 21st Century, and it has been profiled in media outlets including CBC Radio, the Calgary Herald, and the Canadian Healthcare Technology magazine.

SnapDx Clinical is the fastest way to make every bedside assessment evidence-based.