MedXCom for Patients. Personal Health Record App Built for Giffen Solutions, Inc.

MedXCom for Patients

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★★★★★ Now includes Medication Reminders & MedXSafe ★★★★★

Take control of your health and well-being—anytime, anywhere!

The MedXCom Patient app is a revolutionary patient portal that lets you store and manage all of your health information, and instantly share important data and updates with your doctors. This FREE app gives you full control over your personal health care—you decide what to store, what to share, and who gets to see it.

Manage your health profile with confidence and convenience.

With the free MedXCom Patient app, you can store health profiles for yourself and all of your dependents in one convenient location. Intuitive interfaces make it easy to input as many health profiles as you’d like, with as much detail as you want to include.

With the MedXCom app, you can:

➢ Get reminded when to take your medications
➢ Upload all of your medical records, including surgical history, allergies, medications, and more, in just a few minutes
➢ Store images of your health insurance card and driver’s license for faster processing through health care facilities
➢ View and update your profile anytime, in just a few seconds
➢ Add unlimited dependent profiles
➢ Add providers to your “Health Team” to easily share medical records with doctors
➢ Instantly notify your health care providers if a health emergency occurs
➢ Use MedXSafe Bump to make sure your partner is STD-free as of the date of clearance by their doctor

Get powerful security for your personal information.

MedXCom Patient is HIPPA certified and complies with all medical privacy standards. Only you and your authorized providers will be able to view your health records and profile information. You can convert all your paper records into one convenient storage app, and rest assured that your private data is safe.

Optimal wellness, your way.

Download the FREE MedXCom Patient app today, and enjoy the convenience, flexibility, and enhanced quality of care you’ll get with your secure, one-stop health profile, along with improved communications with your healthcare providers.